Secrets 2

Secrets To Live By: The Secrets Series Book 2

By Pamela E. Hester

She never knew love could be so powerful... and supernatural until Trent drove into her life.  

Paris never thought she would be admitted into a mental institution from an incident that left her mentally and emotionally traumatized. She adjusts to life after being out and does her best to get her life together.

When she moves in with Trent, she finds out he is a different guy than she initially thought. Still, Paris doesn't leave his side and exposes him when the police question her about a massacre. Will she continue living her life with Trent, ignoring the darkness about him, or change her mind and move on?  

Trent had enough of ghosts popping up and people doing disappearing acts. He is a new father, so every calculated move he makes weighs heavily on each decision he makes. That is if he can avoid jail time.  
Time isn't on his side, but the powers that be is. When Trent finds out the person who is supposed to be dead is still alive, he races against time to finish what he started.

Will he accomplish his goal or risk losing the love he fought so hard to protect?


Coming Fall 2022!