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Updated: Jun 11

Hi reading fam! I am back to give you a final sample from my Secrets Unveil novel before it is release this month. I am still working on the release date and I will keep you updated. I promise.

If you haven't read Chapter 1, you can read it here.

Chapter 2

"Hey, Paris! Are you coming with us to the store?" A red-haired girl called out to her as she adjusted the straps of her backpack over her shoulders.

Paris's chestnut eyes took in the two girls she would be studying with and mentally rolled her eyes. Kayla knew she was supposed to be hanging out with Sean this evening. Still, since he usually likes to cancel out on her, Kayla thought she could save her the trouble by getting her to hang out with friends who enjoy her company.

Standing at five feet, three inches tall with shoulder-length auburn hair, Paris has skin the color of cinnamon and naturally arched eyebrows. Though she likes being around others sometimes, she considers herself a loner.

"Nah, you two go 'head. I'll be fine. Sean texted me earlier that he was still coming," Paris told her. She started walking in the north part of the Science Building and onto the sidewalk from the parking lot. She knows she wasn't supposed to be standing out by herself because of the school rules. No female student is supposed to be left alone when the sun goes down. And given five minutes, it was getting close for the sun to set.

"Okay, now, if he doesn't show up, call or text one of us to come back and get you. Don't walk like you did last time. The store isn't that far, but that doesn't mean you need to do it," Kayla went on, expressing concern for her.

Paris nodded her head in response, not feeling it. It was pointless, and she felt like it was also fake. An aging security guard was standing nearby, observing the surroundings with his hands on his hips. Oh, I feel so safe, Paris thought sarcastically.

"Trust me, I'm good. Sean can't possibly be late or a no-show, again!" After the girls said their final farewells, Paris let out a huge sigh and saw that Sean wasn't waiting for her like he said he would in his black Mustang. With the conversation she just had with Kayla about him, her mind immediately went to the thought that he was running late for sure, or worse, a no-show.

"Don't do me like this, Sean!" She rummaged hastily through her purse for her Samsung cell phone and cursed.

The phone went black, and when she tried to hit the side button, nothing happened. She was infuriated. How did her cell phone die so quickly? The last time she checked, it was at forty-five percent, and that was the last hour!

She figured she had enough time to make it home to charge it since she left her charger there or could have used Sean's. Now, she has no idea if he was trying to call her; however, it still doesn't make any sense why he's not there right now in the first place!

Paris turned around, fed up with the waiting around. She contemplated using the phone in the school to call him. As soon as Paris spun on her heels to do so, she ended up running smack dab into a tall guy with dreadlocks hanging down inches from his buttocks. She gasps. This dude is so damn fine; she was mesmerized. Paris tried to remember where she saw him because he looked so familiar, but her brain and mouth failed to work at the moment.

"Hi there, Miss Paris. I'm Trent, Sean's friend. Something came up with him, and he asked me to come and get you. Hope you don't mind." His voice drawled with each word escaping from his lips, dripping like honey on her skin. And with that sexy ass accent to match. Paris was so close to saying forget Sean.

Paris swallowed. Not quite what she thought, but she should have known Sean would be up to something. But damn, his friend? She remembered this guy now. How could she not?

Finding her voice and clearing her throat, she said, "Oh, I don't mind. I hope everything is fine with Sean, though. Did he really have something that just came up?" She had to know since Sean likes to lie sometimes.

"Yes, ma'am, he did. You can call him up yourself." Trent studied her movements. The way her hand would fly to her left ear when pondering something profound, and when she chews on her lower lip with eyes averted to one side, those ways reminded him of himself.

"Well, I would, but my battery died." Paris gave a sheepish grin and rotated her tongue around the inside of her mouth.

Standing only a foot from him, she inhaled a fresh, spicy, sensual scent permeating his caramel skin tone. She recognized the scent as Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue. She loves it a lot, and Trent must have noticed that because he comments about it.

"Yeah, I love it too. You know, they have the female version as well." Paris didn't comment back, only gave a small smile. He handed her his iPhone; a shadow of a smile rose on his face.

"Hey, Sean. Where are you?" She asked when he picked up on the other line. Paris kept watch of Trent, who was looking over at her up and down with those long, curly eyelashes.

"I had to help my father with the business. It got too hectic in here, love, and he needed my help. So, I apologize for standing you up--uh, again." Sean explained to her as if that explains everything.

"Oh, okay. I was wondering what happened to you, is all," Paris stressed. She got inside Trent's Mazda. Upon getting in, rich scents of leather and citrus immediately greeted her. She closed her eyes in relief of finally leaving the stress of school behind; yet, there was another constant stress that would not go away.

"I'm so sorry, baby. I tried calling you, but I got your voicemail instead. You turned your phone off?" Sean was saying.

"No. The battery died," Paris told him, groaning in frustration.

She talked to Sean some more as Trent pulled his car away out of the parking lot. He kept sneaking glances over at her as she constantly made "humph" sounds to whatever Sean was telling her. The way she made them was as if she was past frustrated with him.

Paris felt Trent's trained eyes set on her and ignored him the best she could. She was still on that high on being stood up. And having a guy picking her up who her best friend is interested in didn't settle too well either.

After saying goodbye to Sean, while rolling her eyes to one of his many, "I'm sorry," Paris handed Trent back the phone. She directed her attention elsewhere. It was a strange feeling being alone with him. There was a peculiar vibe going on between them that she couldn't fathom. She didn't know whether to start the first conversation or not.

"So, how are things going with you and Carmen?" She ended up asking him for lack of better things to say.

Carmen is her best friend who had met Trent at Crystal's. Paris had barely met him when she had gone with Sean, whose idea was to get Carmen to meet his friend. Paris doesn't know why she hadn't met Trent before then.

She wondered if Sean was keeping Trent hidden because of how sexually attractive Trent is. Or, perhaps, it is really because Sean was hiding her because of her virginal status. Paris shook the thought away and went back to focus on that night.

Something else was up about that night, and Carmen talks about Trent daily. Paris doesn't know if Carmen is feeling Trent or what he can do for her.

In response to her question, Trent turned his head to her with a stony expression. He growled under his breath, blinking his eyes at the mention of that name. Carmen is a subject Trent doesn't want to discuss with anyone, especially Paris.

"It's going...alright, I guess." He shook his head. He had no interest in pursuing something with Carmen, with constant thoughts of Paris creeping up in his mind. Why, why did I get into this situation? He repeated in his head. The girl he wants, well, he wants to know more about, is prying for information about him and her friend. Really, though?

Trent passed by Groucho's and thought about stopping but changed his mind. He headed down Harden Street, turned onto another street, and glanced around at the stores. He was about to ask her if she wanted to stop at one of them, but she cut him off.

"Just alright? She talks about you every single day. I believe she might be in love with you or--Whoa!" Paris yelled out when the car swerved into the outer lane; it nearly hit the railings before coming to a halt.

Checking for oncoming traffic, Trent calmly moved the car back into the right lane while cursing under his breath for losing control. Hearing about a woman loving him, the wrong one at that, caused something to bubble up inside him that wasn't pleasant.

He didn't expect to hear those words. It bothers him that Paris would use the word love in the same sentence with him and Carmen because he knows neither he nor Carmen has love for the other. And he takes love seriously.

Growing up, he has seen and heard people tell someone they love them, but it was to get something from that person. Those same people had no good intentions to back up the so-called love because if they did, they would have shown it instead of just saying it. There aren’t any genuine feelings whatsoever, just what a person can do for them and lying.

You can't throw around the L-word so loosely and expect to get something good out of it, especially if you have no good intentions for the person. It made no sense to him. And he had never been in love before. With the wrong person, love can get someone hurt, taken advantage of, or killed.

After apologizing for the mishap, Trent started to ask Paris about her involvement with Sean. They had been going out for a few months. However, he decided to ask about school since it was a safer topic.

"It's great! Exams are coming up, but one is giving me a hard time." Paris's voice made a squeaky sound when she spoke those words.

She mentally rolled her eyes in embarrassment, wishing she could take back that last several seconds of her life. Anytime she would get emotional about something, her voice would rise and sound mousy.

Trent concealed a grin and said, "That's good! I bet it's for a math class." He leaned his body her way and heard a soft gasp escape her lips.

"Uh, yeah," Paris answered. Is he reading my thoughts? She wondered, frowning.

They shared more small talks on the way to her home. Paris's unease caused her to squirm in her seat. Trent kept giving those peculiar peeks at her as he spoke. She had to take in deep breaths to help calm herself down. What was he saying? She tilted her head in his direction.

His accent was so strong she heard every other word he spoke.

"I asked, would you like to go get something to eat?" He was asking, hoping she would say yes.

"Uh, no. I'll wait until I get home." Paris wanted to get home and away from Trent as fast as she could so she could breathe easily.

She felt as if she had been swept up into a whirlwind. The feeling was confusing and terrifying. Paris felt like she was in a daze, and the intensifying energies between them were causing her to want to run like hell to the hills.

It was foreign to her. No matter how terrible things are going between her and Sean, she still must consider his feelings with him being Trent's best friend. And Carmen seems to be into Trent.

He noticed the way Paris clasped her hands together between her thighs. From his peripheral vision, he watches her every move. Trent didn't want to come off creepy by openly staring at her; yet, there was still this undeniable attraction between them.

He's not sure which one, but he wants to explore whether they are soul mates or twin flames. Trent wasn't sure if Paris was even aware of the fact. He couldn't tell by her facial expression because she had the back of her head facing him.

Trent turned onto her street, driving slowly. He wanted more time with Paris. He needed to know all there is to know about her. Trent wished to sit and have coffee at a bookstore or dinner to get more acquainted with Paris. This short ride home wasn't enough.

"So, how are things go--" he began, but Paris cuts him off again to tell him which house was hers. She seemed to love cutting him off, Trent presumed.

He gave her a quick sidelong glance with pursed lips. He thought Paris wanted to avoid discussing her involvement with his friend. She must have forgotten he knew where she lived after dropping Carmen off with her that night. It was imprinted on his brain. Damn, did she not want to get to know me? He lamented to himself.

Paris quickly thanked him in the driveway, ran like a scared person to her front door, and closed it hurriedly behind her. Things were becoming too overwhelming for her to stay in the car with him.

Sure she wanted to talk a bit more, like in a public place, but she wanted to speak with Sean about some things first. She doesn't like surprises like that, no matter how attractive. Sean has more explaining to do, and she would wait up as long as she has to tonight to get it out of him.

Secrets Unveil will be release in digital form on my website, and then on Amazon and Books 2 Read. It will also be release in paperback on Amazon and everywhere else books are sold. And a signed paperback on my website.