About Pamela

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Pamela E. Hester is an erotic romance and occult/supernatural author. She writes stories about characters who overcome obstacles, has different life experiences, and love connections. Pamela is also the founder of K. Phoenix Publishing located in Florence, South Carolina.

Born in Florence, SC, Pamela Hester started her young life daydreaming about characters in books that she will write about one day. She enjoys art, music, and traveling, along with her passion for writing.

Pamela is the oldest of four children and went into state care along with her siblings. They landed in a small town called Darlington, where she attended public school. 

Her writing—an essay on life experiences—was featured on her school board during high school. From there, she picked up on the love of poetry and started writing her own. She then graduated from high school in 2003. The same year, her father passed away.

Pamela had placed everything on hold and went into a deep depression. The grievance of her father persuaded Pamela to cope by writing poems and writing random prose to help her through in a journal.

In 2008, she moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia, in hopes of starting a new life. Her dreams of creating that new life were cut short when she became pregnant with her daughter. In February 2009, she gave birth to a healthy, adorable girl named Shelley. A couple of months later, Pamela started medical school in Decatur, Georgia, in medical billing and coding. She finished with a 3.9.

Pamela moved back to her hometown and a few years of debating, started her blog, K.Phoenix. Of all the relationship woes she endured, she named her blog after an extension of herself. Her blog is where Pamela shares her passion for writing, spirituality, and her own life experiences. She hopes to inspire others to fight for what they want and not to give up. 

Pamela currently lives in Florence, South Carolina with her daughter.